Sleeping Beauty Behind the Scenes – Four Artists Paint A Tree

This short documentary, focuses on the group work that was needed to bring Sleeping Beauty to fruition, with many artists achieving a continuous style and design. It then follows the different styles of Disney artists and their approach to painting the same tree, exploring their different  approaches to the study of nature.

Sleeping Beauty Behind the Scenes – Four Artists Paint A Tree

Inka Bola – Patrick Pujalte

Final Year Film

Making Of

First Year Showreel

Since finishing at Gobelins, l’école de l’image in 2009, Patrick has gone on to work on films such as The Tale of Desperaux, Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2.

Patrick currently works at Dreamworks’ Oriental division as a Senior Animator.


Inka Bola – Patrick Pujalte

Sketchbook Ideas: One-Point Perspective

For this coming week let’s focus on some perspective drawing techniques. Developing this will help our understanding of space and volume as well as observational skills.

Start to fill your sketchbooks with basic shapes and progress to objects you find, drawing them from different perspective points. After exploring these you should advance your work to producing an environment in One-Point Perspective.


Gustave Caillebotte

Robert C. Jackson

Joseph Mallord William Turner


Philip Bannister

Leonardo Da Vinci

Shapes in Perspective Construction Tutorials:

How to Draw Perspective – Draw With Jazza

Introduction to Linear Perspective – Alphonso Dunn

Drawing Elipses in Perspective

Sourced from IDsketching

One Point Perspective Room

Sketchbook Ideas: One-Point Perspective

11 Second Club July Competition





The July competition for 11 Second Club has now begun!

Head over to their site and download the audio file to animate to


Voice 1: “Call him, see if he’ll come save you.”

Voice 2: “Yes, Wilfred the Merciful, call him.”

The 11 second club runs this competition monthly and changes the audio each time. Animate and in any medium (2D, 3D, stop motion, mixed media) and make full use of their forum to post Work In Progress (WIP) and receive feedback and critique to improve your animation faster.

For those that want to animate in 3d, head over to their resources page to download a ready-to-use rig to begin animating with

11 Second Club July Competition