Artist Profile: Romeo Jonathan

Jonathan is an extremely talented motion designer, illustrator and visual artist from France. He specialises in fantasy and science-fiction concept art, ultilising his 2d and 3d skillsets to achieve fantastic illustrations.

To have a look at more of his work, check out his DeviantArt profile and his website

Artist Profile: Romeo Jonathan

Sketchbook Ideas: Facial Construction

Let’s focus our sketches this time on the face of our characters. Having correct facial proportion and anatomy understanding is essential when it comes to animation.

Although you might have a great performance animated, if the audience is questioning the actual structure and placement of the facial features they are no longer paying attention to your story.

Work from constructing basic 3d shapes to ensure correct volume, and draw multiple views of the face from may angles. Also try to sketch from life as much as possible, if you can capture it quickly out in the world you can elaborate on the sketch later.

Progress to working with extreme shapes, with various styles. This exercise should produce some very interesting characters quickly, but remember the placement and proportions are key.

Cartoons follow their own guidelines on proportions based on what personality, age or style the character is being portrayed.


Drawing a Head From Imagination

Facial Proportions for Cartooning with Peter Emslie Parts 1 & 2


Andrew Loomis’ Book ‘Drawing the Head and Hands’

How to Draw Caricatures; The 5 Shapes


Sketchbook Ideas: Facial Construction

Artist Profile: Jon Davies

Davies is a game designer, artist and the co-founder of Southampton based games studio Massive Monster, and has over 11 years of experience in the games industry.

He primarily works with pixel art, but also has experience with 3d modelling, animation and digital art.

His client list includes Disney XD, Nickelodeon, Adult Swim and Namco-Bandai. In 2012 Massive Monster one of their most popular games to date, ‘Super House of Dead Ninjas’

Jon’s Deviantart

Massive Monster Website

kf3_boss3 kf3_hydra kesh handmonster chara_girl red_panda slothbomber


Promotional Art for ‘Super House of Dead Ninjas’

‘Super House of Dead Ninjas’ Gameplay Video


Massive Monster Art





Artist Profile: Jon Davies

Artist Profile: Lap Pun Cheung

Cheung is a concept artist and illustrator from the UK and is currently working in Germany for Goodgame Studios.

As a side project Cheung has taken to creating speedart cinematic storyboards for popular video games such as Final Fantasy VII & VIII, Metal Gear Solid & is currently working his way through the entire Mass Effect trilogy.



Artist Profile: Lap Pun Cheung

Artist Profile: Alessandro Baldasseroni

Baldasseroni is a Lead Character Artist at Riot Games. His fantastic work features in many video game cinematics and film such as Batman Arkham Origins, The Elder Scrolls Online, Thor: The Dark World, Star Wars: The Old Republic & FarCry 3.

Baldasseroni spent 8 years working at Blur Studios and his work has also been featured in highly regarded digital publications and art book such as Ballistic Publishing Expose, d’Atiste & Elemental.

Personal website:

Riot Games:

Blur Studios:

Ballistic Publishing:

Artist Profile: Alessandro Baldasseroni

Artist Profile: Zac Gorman

Gorman is a digital artist who runs a popular webcomic Magical Game Timea collection of stand-alone pieces and one-shot comic strips exploring the thought-provoking side of videogames.

To add life to the comics themselves, he animates the frames and posts them online in gifs.

Gorman has also exhibited his work and has contributed to various art projects.


Artist Profile: Zac Gorman