Sketchbook Ideas: Human Proportion & Simplification

Building from our look at object deconstruction, let’s turn our attention to applying this to the human body. Look at taking each part of the human form and simplifying it down to basic 3d primitives to allow you to construct the body with accurate volumes at speed.

As animators, it is important that we can draw the body quickly so that we can then focus on bringing the character to life, by focusing on the movement and personality.

Research into the proportions of the average human male and female, so that when it comes to generating characters they look and feel lifelike.

This exercise will also ensure that from pose to pose, you can consider the length of each part of the body, keeping volume across the animation.


The final image is taken from Andrew Loomis’ “Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth”




Sketchbook Ideas: Human Proportion & Simplification

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