11 Second Club – September Competition

September is here and along with it another 11 second club competition.

Your task is to animate the following dialogue taken for the fantastic film ‘Back to the Future’;

Voice 1: This is, ah, this is heavy duty, Doc! This is great! Does it run on like regular unleaded gasoline?

Voice 2: Unfortunately, no. It requires something with a little more kick… Plutonium!

Voice 1: Ah, Plutonium! Ah, wait, are you telling me this sucker is nuclear?!

Take a look at the archives and last months winner to get a great idea of some of the previous entries in this monthly competition.

Animation can be either 2d, 3d or mixed media. If you want to use a pre-made 3d that’s ready to animate with visit their resources page to get started.

Back to the Future is also a great source for fan art, look at some of these great pieces:

By ChillyFranco

By George Bletsis

By Khyzyl Saleem

By Andy Fairhurst

By Laurent Durieux

By Sergio Lantadilla

By Telltale Games

11 Second Club – September Competition

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