I wanted to highlight to you all an excellent online resource for 3d modelling,

Here you can buy 3d models and even download free models from their site.

They also feature models that are 3d printing ready.

CGTrader also have a budding community to join and upload your own work for comment and critique, and a forum for technical discussions about modelling.

Downloading and inspecting models is a great way to dissect and learn more about 3d modelling and can really boost your knowledge of topology.




If you do use any resources from online you must be extremely clear about where you got it from and what specifically you have done to add to it when featured in a piece.

For example when downloading a free model to then rig and animate yourself, you must be very clear in telling that the actual model was not your own work.


They are currently running 3 separate community challenges that will have more details on their site


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