Rigging TD Reel 2017 – by Martin Gunnarsson

An amazing reel by Martin Gunnarsson featuring some great spots for Honda & Nike. He is currently working at Framestore in London as a Rigging TD.

Check out more of Martin’s work here on his website.

Reel Details:

Realistic eye rigging done for Audi at Analog.
Responsible for the main rig that needed to be fleshy and handle a lot of deformations by itself when the eye looked around. Manual controllers for details of the eyelids and face were also put in place. A picker was created for easy access.
Link to project

Old Man
Body rig done for an unreleased project . Features for example a solid spine-setup with multiple articulation points, a custom pick-walker built in python to easily go between different controllers using the arrow-keys.
I’ve also done the cloth simulation and animation in this showreel example.

Torso Rig
Torso rig for an art installation. I set up the main muscle-deformations to preserve the volume and create more realistic shapes. Also has some auto-shoulder and adjusting of each muscle-group.
Animation in this showreel done by me as an example.

A toolset/launcher for Maya made in Python and QT Designer with all custom interface. It features around 80 scripts that I’ve done myself to speed up everyday tasks, also makes it possible to search all of maya’s command. An artist can also add there own tool to this interface.
It remembers your favorite tools and the ones you use the most.
You can read more on:

Rigging TD Reel 2017 – by Martin Gunnarsson

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