Dan Sultan – Magnetic – by Dropbear

A 3D printed, stop-motion, projection mapped music video for Dan Sultan’s track Magnetic.
Two months in the making, over 60 individual 3D printed pieces and over 2700 photos.


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Director and stop-motion animation: Jonathan Chong @ Dropbear Digital

3D scan and 3D animation: Shawn Miller

Projection mapping: Jean Poole

3D printing: Christopher Langton

DOP consultant: Cesar Salmeron

Editing: Jonathan Chong

Dan Sultan – Magnetic – by Dropbear

Miyavi – “Afraid To Be Cool”

Director: Fantasista Utamaro
Character Animation Director: ShiShi Yamazaki
Effect Animation Director: Tetsuya Tatamitani
Animators: Asuka Kuroda, Kanae Izumi, Sayuki Suudo, Yurihyang, Miyu Kobayashi, Ryunosuke Sakagami, Natsuki Mukai, Yuriko Sumi, Mana Matsumoto, Ryo Hashimoto, Suzuko Asawa, Momoco Uejima, Marin Seko, HIZGI, Minami Watanabe, yotube

Miyavi – “Afraid To Be Cool”

Daft Punk – Interstella 5555 – by Toei Animation

Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem is a Japanese-French animated adventure fantasy science fiction musical film released on 28 May 2003. The film is the visual realisation of Discovery, the second studio album by Daft Punk.

Interstella 5555 tells the story of the abduction and rescue of an interstellar pop band.

The film was produced by Daft Punk, Cédric Hervet and Emmanuel de Buretel with Toei Animation under the supervision of Leiji Matsumoto.The film has no dialogue and uses minimal sound effects.

Directed by Kazuhisa Takenouchi

Here are all the music videos in order of the album Discovery:

One More Time:


Digital Love:

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger:




High Life:

Something About Us:


Veridis Quo:

Short Circuit:

Face To Face:

Too Long:

Daft Punk – Interstella 5555 – by Toei Animation