Hum3d Car Render Challenge 2017 Winners

First place is Clay Maker by Kevin Boulton

Second place is Escape by Chamishka Gamage

Third place is Before the race by Grigorii Kliver

Other Winners and Renders:

“BMW M4 Coupe” by Bart Papis.

“Off-road happiness” by Yuri Rodchenko

“On the Edge” by Lukasz

“Icons don´t go with the flow” by Roland Wolf

“Gravel Race” by Mikael Lugnegard

Hum3d Car Render Challenge 2017 Winners

November 2016 – 11 Second Club Competition

November is here and with a new month brings a new competition for the 11 Second Club.

This months clip is taken from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and is the dialogue scene between Han Solo and Rey.

Voice 1: Are you offering me a job?
Voice 2: Wouldn’t be nice to you. Doesn’t pay much.
Voice 1: You’re offering me a job.
Voice 2: I’m thinking about it.

You can find the audio clip and more information on this months competition here

Remember you can animated in any medium that you want but you can also use their provided 3D rigs if you want to animate in 3D and skip the modelling and rigging process. Their resources page is here

You can also check out the winner of last months competition here

Happy animating!

November 2016 – 11 Second Club Competition

Annual Humster3d Car Render Competition

It’s time for the third annual Humster3D competition for the best car render. It is the largest awards event for the car 3d modelling and visualisation industry. The competition, held in partnership with leading companies and 3d software manufacturers. Participation in the contest is open to all comers, whose works comply with the rules.

There are no limits for creativity: you can choose any automobile you like whether it is racing or imaginary vehicle. The winning entries will be published in magazines and get maximum attention from the community. Also, any participant can win additional prizes. We’re waiting for your works from September 13 to November 29.

Good luck and happy rendering!

Sponsor List:

Work In Progress can be posted on their forums here


Selection of Previous Winners:


Annual Humster3d Car Render Competition

3D Character Design Contest

Polycount and Reallusion announce the launch of the 2016 Character Design Contest.
3D artists are invited to enter from July 22nd to October 16th.  The contest theme is open, so use your imagination.   Submit a fully rigged, animatable 3D humanoid character to win.

Total $4000 USD Cash for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and many other high value product prizes from leading partners for special awards: Noitom, Pixologic, HTC Vive VR, Marvelous Designer, Marmoset, Humster3D,, Renderosity, CGtrader, Allegorithmic, and GameTextures.

Contest website
Get all the details and submission information

Get started with fully­rigged character bases from Character Creator
No matter if you are a professional Maya user, a ZBrush designer, a cinematic filmmaker or a 3D hobbyist, we have already prepared all the free tools and learning resources for you to work with. So take this special opportunity to experience how iClone’s Character Creator can empower your 3D character creation process.


Contest Rules

3D Character Design Contest


I wanted to highlight to you all an excellent online resource for 3d modelling,

Here you can buy 3d models and even download free models from their site.

They also feature models that are 3d printing ready.

CGTrader also have a budding community to join and upload your own work for comment and critique, and a forum for technical discussions about modelling.

Downloading and inspecting models is a great way to dissect and learn more about 3d modelling and can really boost your knowledge of topology.




If you do use any resources from online you must be extremely clear about where you got it from and what specifically you have done to add to it when featured in a piece.

For example when downloading a free model to then rig and animate yourself, you must be very clear in telling that the actual model was not your own work.


They are currently running 3 separate community challenges that will have more details on their site


October – 11 Second Club Competition

Now that we have moved into October a new 11 Second Club competition has begun.

As with each month you are tasked with animating a short piece of provided sound using any medium you wish.

This month’s sound clip is a little different, in that it features no dialogue but is a clip of light saber sounds taken from Star Wars.

You can find the audio clip and more information on this months competition here

Remember you can also use their provided 3D rigs if you want to animate in 3D and skip the modelling and rigging process. Their resources page is here

You can also check out the winner of last months competition here

Happy animating!

October – 11 Second Club Competition

11 Second Club – September Competition

September is here and along with it another 11 second club competition.

Your task is to animate the following dialogue taken for the fantastic film ‘Back to the Future’;

Voice 1: This is, ah, this is heavy duty, Doc! This is great! Does it run on like regular unleaded gasoline?

Voice 2: Unfortunately, no. It requires something with a little more kick… Plutonium!

Voice 1: Ah, Plutonium! Ah, wait, are you telling me this sucker is nuclear?!

Take a look at the archives and last months winner to get a great idea of some of the previous entries in this monthly competition.

Animation can be either 2d, 3d or mixed media. If you want to use a pre-made 3d that’s ready to animate with visit their resources page to get started.

Back to the Future is also a great source for fan art, look at some of these great pieces:

By ChillyFranco

By George Bletsis

By Khyzyl Saleem

By Andy Fairhurst

By Laurent Durieux

By Sergio Lantadilla

By Telltale Games

11 Second Club – September Competition

11 Second Club – August Competition

August is here and with it brings a new competition for the 11 Second Club, the monthly animation competition.

This months dialogue to animate to as well as details about the competition can be found here


Voice One:  Jamy printed out an article from “Yahoo Health.” It was all about enabling and I realized at that point that I cannot continue to support your emotional handicap.

Voice Two: I understand.

Voice One: Let me finish, OK?

Voice Two:  OK

Remember you can animate to the dialogue in 2d, 3d or mixed media, check out the resourses page for free ready-to-use rigs to animate with here

Also check out the winner of the July competition here

11 Second Club – August Competition

11 Second Club July Competition





The July competition for 11 Second Club has now begun!

Head over to their site and download the audio file to animate to


Voice 1: “Call him, see if he’ll come save you.”

Voice 2: “Yes, Wilfred the Merciful, call him.”

The 11 second club runs this competition monthly and changes the audio each time. Animate and in any medium (2D, 3D, stop motion, mixed media) and make full use of their forum to post Work In Progress (WIP) and receive feedback and critique to improve your animation faster.

For those that want to animate in 3d, head over to their resources page to download a ready-to-use rig to begin animating with

11 Second Club July Competition