Summer Self Progression Part 2 – Draftsmanship

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This one is going to highlight something that a lot of artists overlook – draftsmanship.

Most people gloss over their technical ability in illustration as they feel it is beneath them, but really this is the work that underpins all your creative work.

The core of this is confidence, a sense of purpose to the lines you create and being able to ‘see’ the world in as 3 dimensional forms when you draw, simplifying things down to either boxes, cylinders, cones or spheres and combinations of these.

This requires a seriously strong ability to draw these forms are any rotation in perspective.

So to kick things off I recommend that you all engage with these sources Drawabox, moderndayjames and Scott Robertson.

I’m going to talk about Drawabox in this post but make no mistake if you want to level up your drawing ability and creative output, this needs to be a daily exercise you engage with.

Drawabox is a completely free online resource with lessons, video resources and challenges to go through. It’s based upon a unit structure of Pasadena College of Art and sets you up with a key approach to art.

It prioritises mileage and confidence in line, everything you draw must be done in ink. It stands as a definite mark that is either correct or not, highlighting areas of your skillset that can be worked on. Work on printer paper, this will get you over preciousness with your sketchbook.

Do not be proud and think the early exercises are beneath you, I guarantee you there is always something you will learn from it.

So go ahead and draw a box (or 250 of them in the challenge)

Post your progress to your blog if you like.

Summer Self Progression Part 2 – Draftsmanship