Tsunami – Student Film

“Tsunami” was made by a team of third year Character Animation and CG Arts students at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark.

Sofie Nørgaard Kampmark, Director & Editor – sofiekampmark.tumblr.com/
Jess Nicholls, art director & Pipeline manager – jisusu.tumblr.com/
Morten Jæger, technical art director, DOP & colour script – mj-design.dk/
Line Bering, CG generalist & production manager – linebering.com/
Steffen Christensen, Animator – steffenchristensenart.blogspot.dk/
Pernille Kofod Hansen, Animator & Creature Design – nilleart.blogspot.dk/
Michelle From, lead animator & storyboard – michellefrom.blogspot.dk/
Johan Carøe, Composer – soundcloud.com/johancaroe

Tsunami – Student Film

The Mill – by 2nd Year Gobelins Students

In an abandoned industrial area, a strange phenomena poisons the environment. A girl has to take care of her sick father suffering from his sickness.

Special Effects sequence directed within the exercise of the 2nd year’s Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking program (Prom 2019).
GOBELINS, l’école de l’image

Directors : Benjamin BERREBI, Camille GUILLOT, James MOLLE, Sarah NACIRI, Pierre ROUGEMONT, Côme ROY

The Mill – by 2nd Year Gobelins Students

Stolen Shoes – by Noriko Ishibe

A man has been looking for his shoes, shoes which fit him, but he cannot move because of his lost shoes. Although he tries to walk with someone else’s shoes, the shoes take control of him.

Shoes are necessary to walk on the ground. In order to walk in your own style, you need to find the shoes that fit only you.

So, the shoes he stole and also the stolen his shoes will never fit anyone.

A film by Noriko Ishibe
Sound Design Riley Wong (vimeo.com/rileyw)
UCA 2015

Production Notes of this film

Stolen Shoes – by Noriko Ishibe

Spoof John Lewis Advert – Nick Jablonka – A-Level Media Studies Film

An A Level media student’s interpretation of the iconic annual John Lewis Christmas advert has gone viral, picking up almost half a million views.

Nick Jablonka’s uploaded his coursework animation onto YouTube and fooled viewers into thinking it was an authentic John Lewis ad.

The sentimental one-minute film, which has over 458,000 views, tells the story of a lonely, love-struck snowman trapped in a snow globe with days left until Christmas.

The latest John Lewis advert for 2016 is expected to be released at the end of this week, and is rumoured to cost around £7 million.

However, Jablonka’s film took only two weeks to produce and cost him just “a couple of snacks and a couple of drinks”.

Asked how well his coursework was graded by his lecturer, Jablonka replied: “I believe the video itself got full marks – I’m not 100% sure about the essay!”

Spoof John Lewis Advert – Nick Jablonka – A-Level Media Studies Film