Le Mouvement De L’air/ The Movement of Air – by Adrien M. & Claire B.

Artist duo Adrien M & Claire B have lifted the curtain on their latest acrobatic dance performance utilizing digital projection titled The Movement of Air. Seen in this video is a handful of moments taken from an hour-long piece performed in France last month by a trio dancers. Unlike more common uses of digital project mapping where a recorded animation or scene is projected in a space, Adrien M & Claire B instead utilize fully interactive “scenes” that respond to human interaction. Nothing you see on the set is animated beforehand.

Le Mouvement De L’air/ The Movement of Air – by Adrien M. & Claire B.

The Hunter – by Davy and Kirstin McGuire

The Hunter is a paper diorama that comes to life through projected animations, music and sound effects. When the intricately cut paper model illuminates, tiny shadow figures seem to appear behind the diorama in order to depict a silent fable about the cruelty of human conduct and the ability to repent our actions. The Hunter is a gallery installation that tells a 15 min narrative on a loop for a maximum of 10 people at a time.
Produced by The Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award.
Music by Fyfe Dangerfield.

The Hunter – by Davy and Kirstin McGuire

3D Character Design Contest

Polycount and Reallusion announce the launch of the 2016 Character Design Contest.
3D artists are invited to enter from July 22nd to October 16th.  The contest theme is open, so use your imagination.   Submit a fully rigged, animatable 3D humanoid character to win.

Total $4000 USD Cash for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and many other high value product prizes from leading partners for special awards: Noitom, Pixologic, HTC Vive VR, Marvelous Designer, Marmoset, Humster3D, 3D.sk, Renderosity, CGtrader, Allegorithmic, and GameTextures.

Contest website
Get all the details and submission information

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Contest Rules

3D Character Design Contest